Simply put the answer is yes!

Despite the political turmoil that Brexit and the leadership race are having on businesses and the country’s future, gas and electricity prices through the spring were as low as they have been since early 2017. It’s the wholesale market for gas and electricity which largely drives the prices businesses pay and today wholesale prices are around 25% lower than their peak in autumn 2017.

So, even if your current energy contract doesn’t end for 6 months (or more), now is a good time to be looking at fixing prices that can be implemented when your current deal ends.

What are the variables to consider?

Unfortunately, as is seen in the domestic market, the sheer complexity of energy buying (and potentially changing supplier) often means many businesses don’t act until their existing deals are ending, which provides them with very few options.

Add to that factors such as the merits of different suppliers, whether to fix for 12 months or longer, assessing “hidden” charges etc, there’s little wonder that it’s one of the tasks most businesses face with trepidation. And on top of the above, there is an increasingly worrying trend, where suppliers have onerous clauses in their terms and conditions that most people wouldn’t easily identify. For example, we’ve seen a growing trend where some suppliers are offering fixed term (e.g. 1, year, 2 years etc) but not fixed price contracts. This means that as a business owner, you are locked into the contract for the full duration, but the supplier can change prices over this duration.

How can we help?

We recognise you may find it difficult to manage this process and if so, we’re happy to help. It’s important to stress we are entirely independent of all suppliers. We provide an unbiased assessment of the options available to you which will include our suggestions and recommendations, but it’s our clients that ultimately decide what action to take – if any.

We give you access to a leading business energy procurement platform which puts you in control of your energy. Through it, you can access all the UK energy providers and it enables you to tender your supply to the market in minutes. You can then compare bids from all the suppliers to find the best deal for you from a choice of fixed and flexible contracts.

In our experience, most businesses prefer the certainty and stability of fixed price, fixed term contracts, but for larger consumers, we can also offer first flex and full flex buying options.

Once you have selected your energy buying method and tariff, the switching process should be seamless and pain-free and could result in some great energy bill savings.

Not your typical energy broker

At Enerteq, we pride ourselves in not being a typical energy broker but an energy partner as we don’t just offer a brokerage service to help you find your next deal, we offer support and help throughout your energy contract.

Our energy platform helps you to forecast your energy consumption for up to three years and can help you to budget and automate your buying trigger points. It also includes clear and transparent reporting on the web-based platform freeing up your time and enabling historical analysis.

We can also offer bill validation and invoice analysis as energy bills can be complex and onerous to review and query, which is why our expert eye and knowledge can streamline the process for you and can often deliver significant savings.

Contact Enerteq today on 01423 815299 or click the button below and we’ll be happy to offer some advice.


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