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Free Energy Healthcheck

Our free energy health check highlights potential savings based on your site and consumption data.

All we need is a few details about your site, and a copy of your last few invoices. Using this we can then compare your site’s consumption against the typical, and best in class consumption based on national data, giving you an instant idea of potential energy and cost savings.

There are many simple energy saving solutions to reduce your energy usage, we can help you identify those areas which would be of greatest value to your business.


Energy Audits

We offer a range of business energy audits to help organisations determine where they are losing energy and money, and how such problems can be corrected by implementing strategies and measures to improve energy efficiency, thus reducing energy cost. Typical audits include:

  • ESOS compliance
  • Benchmarking of current energy performance
  • Identifying cost savings
  • Prioritising investment
  • Identifying where renewable energy can be effectively integrated

Conducted by energy experts, our full energy audits typically identify annual savings in the range of 15% to 20% from a combination of no cost, low cost and capital investment opportunities


Invoice Validation

Invoice Validation is an increasingly complex and time-consuming process for any organisation. Yet, it is necessary for any business, as industry figures estimate that utility invoices contain overcharging errors of between 3% and 5% in value. With ever more complex contracts being introduced, this trend looks set to continue, making it even more vital that all businesses are capable of validating their energy invoices.

Our service ensures clients are paying for correct charges through:


  • Historical identification and recovery of over payments
  • Consumption data reporting
  • Ongoing invoice analysis covering up to 25 separate checks, taking quick action to recover over-charges

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