Tips and Trends in Energy & Water Procurment

2019: A year in energy

2019 has been a strange year for the energy industry as there have been many shifts in the market that have impacted a variety of businesses. We have seen the fall of many small energy suppliers as well as mergers that have been announced with some failing and some...

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The road to a greener business

There has been a lot of focus from the government on how businesses should be contributing to the net-zero carbon targets if the UK is to meet their goal by 2050. Businesses in the UK are responsible for 18% of the country’s carbon emissions but it’s not just that...

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The heat is on

Traditionally during the summer lots of businesses benefit from lower energy bills as they don’t need to heat their offices and premises, but this isn’t necessarily the case anymore as staff and customers expect comfortable conditions which have led to an increase in...

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