Managing utility suppliers isn’t always straight forward.  It can be time-consuming, especially if you are a property manager who is responsible for the water and energy supplies to their properties and tenants.

The process of checking bill accuracy and allocating energy consumption to your tenants can be painful.  You have to gather meter information, calculate individual usage, apportion shared costs and reconcile the data and check it against the bill. Then ensure that costs are recovered and recorded. It’s tiring just thinking about it!

Help is at hand

This is where Enerteq can help. We are cost management and energy experts.  We offer far more than a brokerage service for energy and water contracts.  We provide support and advice not only when you are looking for a new contract but throughout the contract.

As energy experts, our trained eye can spot billing anomalies and quickly find issues that need addressing. We will resolve these issues with your supplier without you needing to get involved. This helps take the stress and frustration out of managing utility supplies with the knowledge that we will ensure you are fairly billed for your usage. It can often result in cost savings too.

We can help owners by calculating the utility recharges for their tenants. We will ensure suppliers are provided with regular meter readings to ensure their bills are correct and in turn, this ensures tenant recharges accurate reflect their usage. If tenanted areas have sub-meters fitted, we’ll use this data to calculate monthly re-charges or apportion charges on an agreed format if sub-meters aren’t fitted. (We can arrange for sub-meters to be installed if required.) The recharge statements we produce clearly explain to the tenants their monthly usage and we’re happy to talk directly to the tenants if they have any questions.

When tenants move in or out, we can handle the Change of Tenancy process to ensure this is as seamless as possible. We’ll prepare annual forecasts to assist tenants in producing service charge budgets and actively manage the utility supplies to minimise the costs for both landlords and tenants.

We can also handle the process of installing, upgrading and removing utility meters, which is often a task property owners find problematic. We also monitor meter usage to ensure meters no longer in use can be removed.

Understanding usage and reducing costs

We can also provide help and support in understanding how and when energy is used in your buildings and whether any anomalies need investigating. We offer regular reporting which can help you to understand and reduce your energy consumption.

We also provide advice on reducing the energy consumption of your buildings, making your properties more desirable to let as they are cheaper to run.

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