We’re aware that in some people’s eyes, energy suppliers and brokers have a reputation somewhat similar to MP’s and estate agents. And we’re also willing to acknowledge, in some instances, this is a reasonable assessment, especially when they adopt hard-sell techniques, try to mislead businesses with jargon and act in their (rather than their clients) best interests. Whilst there are many reputable suppliers and brokers around, it’s the actions of the minority that taint the reputation of the industry as a whole.

We like to believe that in our own way, we are helping to dispel the concerns some businesses have, and this is reflected in the fact that we have a client retention rate of over 90%. When we ask clients, they’ve described us as being friendly, professional, independent, objective and thorough.

We’ll now briefly explain how we are different:

Choice and guidance

We will listen to you and your energy needs.  We get to know your business to ensure that we find the most appropriate energy contract for you. We remain independent and objective throughout the process presenting you with all the facts and giving you our commentary, whilst allowing you to make the final decision.

Our energy trading platform helps you to forecast your energy consumption and costs for up to three years in advance assisting you with your budgeting requirements. The platform can also automate your buying trigger points to make buying energy within your budget requirements simpler and more effective. You also get clear and transparent reporting allowing you to do historical analysis through the web-based platform saving you time & resources in analysing your energy requirements.

Ongoing support

Through our other services, we can offer your business ongoing energy management support that will help you to manage both your energy contract and consumption. These services include bill validation and invoice analysis, which can be onerous and complex to undertake effectively, and review and query your consumption data.  This is where our expert eye and extensive experience can help you streamline your consumption, leading to significant savings.

Using our experience to analyse your energy bills and data can result in savings as we are well practised in finding anomalies, issues or opportunities where savings or changes can be made to reduce your energy usage.

We can also help you to manage your portfolio of buildings assisting you to understand their energy consumption so that you can reduce your consumption and costs in each building.

Our intelligent reporting and automatic performance benchmarking also allow you to understand how your energy consumption compares to other businesses which can be valuable information and give you a goal to reach.

Other services

Many energy brokers focus solely on short-term wins in setting up your new energy deal and then trying to get your repeat business, however, we also offer a wide range of procurement and support services through our expert knowledge.

If you like how we operate then you should look at the services we offer through our sister company, TEQ Group. Our procurement arm of our business offers analysis and cost reduction, ongoing monitoring of consumption, benchmarking expenditure and in-depth bespoke management reporting. You can use our web-based platform to track all your electricity, gas, water and travel in one easy to use system making your procurement and management of these services more effective and putting the control in your hands.

We offer procurement services for water, business telecoms, business consumables, financing choices, fleet and fleet management, business insurance, print and photocopying, waste and recycling, premises costs and even electric vehicle charging points.

Contact us and see how different we are

We are sure that you’ll prefer our energy purchasing experience and you’ll join the growing number of businesses that use our services year after year to help them save money and find the best energy deal for them.

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