Close up on illuminated blue light bulb filament which spells the word "Energy".

If you’re looking to take control of your business energy, Enerteq are here to help. Our award winning platforms allow you to track your electricity, gas, water, and travel in one. It also enables your business to trade your enegry contracts directly with UK energy supplies, a system that can help businesses save both time and money. If this is something that is of interest to you, it could have huge benefits for your business. There are three main plans available to you; fixed buying, first flex buying, and full flex buying – but what’s the difference between each? Here’s a breakdown of the three options, to help you identify which one is the best energy buying strategy for your business.

Fixed Buying

What it gives your business: Fixed buying gives you complete budget certainty. It uses the most competitive reverse auction process in the market in order to drive down costs.

The business it’s best for: If your business is still growing and in need of budget certainty month after month, this option is the best one for you.

First Flex

What it gives your business: First flex gives your business the opportunity to track and monitor costs without having to monitor the market as well. The plan gives you peace of mind as you are never forced to take a gamble by agreeing a price on one trading day. It also offers complete transparency as all third party charges and supplier costs are clearly broken down for you, meaning there aren’t any hidden charges in your unit rate.  It’s a product you won’t find anywhere else.

The business it’s best for: The first flex option is the best for businesses that want to spread risk, but maintain budget protection. It’s the perfect solution for first time flexible buyers, and businesses leaving baskets.

Full Flex Buying

What it gives your business: Full flex buying allows you to devise a bespoke purchasing strategy that gives you full control over your prices and spending. Full flex buying is designed to accommodate the most advanced market requirements.

The business it’s best for: As it gives you full control of your energy buying, the plan is best for seasoned energy buyers who know exactly what they want.

If you’d like to know more about the three options we offer here at Enerteq, don’t hesitate to get in touch.