Traditionally during the summer lots of businesses benefit from lower energy bills as they don’t need to heat their offices and premises, but this isn’t necessarily the case anymore as staff and customers expect comfortable conditions which have led to an increase in air conditioning and cooling requirements for goods.

Given the hot spell that the UK has been enjoying over the last few weeks, the electric meters at many businesses will have spinning faster as the cost of air conditioning and cooling spirals.

Reduce your spend

Ensuring that you have the best energy deal that takes into account the energy that you require and that the tariffs are competitive and offer you value for money are one of the key ways of reducing unnecessary spend.

Many businesses don’t take advantage of reviewing their energy contracts as frequently or as far in advance as they could do. You can start to look at new deals as soon as 6 months (or more) before your current deal ends.

Reviewing your energy contracts and seeking out the best possible deal for your business is never easy and can be time-consuming which is where we can help you. As energy specialists that understand the energy market, we get to know your needs and can present you with the best possible options from a wide range of energy suppliers.

Enerteq is completely independent of all the energy suppliers and we provide an unbiased assessment of the options available and we will offer suggestions and recommendations. But ultimately, it’s your choice of which deal to go with.

Putting you in control

Our customers are given access to our leading energy procurement platform that gives them control of their energy. This platform gives access to all UK energy providers and allows you to tender your energy supply in minutes to the whole market. Once you have the bids back you can compare the deals to find the best fixed or flexible contract.

However, the Enerteq team is always on hand to support and advise you when needed.

Understand your consumption

Understanding the energy you consume and your bills are also great ways of being able to reduce the costs and your consumption. At Enerteq, we don’t just provide a brokerage service we also offer help when needed throughout your energy contract.

Our energy platform is designed to help forecast your energy consumption and can show up to three years consumption data which can help you to budget your energy and assist you in buying energy through automating your buying trigger points. We can also monitor the use of energy in your buildings to highlight any anomalies so that can be investigated.

We also provide bill validation and invoice analysis services as energy bills can be complex and onerous to review and query. We offer our knowledge and expert eye as we can streamline the review and could find significant cost savings.

To find out more how Enerteq can help call us on 01423 815299 or click the button below and we’ll be happy to offer some advice.


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