There has been so much focus on renewable energy recently with the UK seeing some amazing headlines about breaking records on the coal-free weekend over Easter and the first coal-free week was announced last week. This is great news for the environment and the UK’s development into cleaner energy and reducing its reliance on coal, but what impact is being made with gas?

Earlier this year the UK reached a huge milestone for green gas as 1 million homes were supplied for with it which is a thirteen-fold increase since 2017. There has been a large increase in the amount of green gas as there are now 60 biomethane plants in the UK.

Green gas – what is it?

To most people green gas is probably a very unknown term and for those that know the term they probably don’t fully understand it so we thought we would tell you a bit more about it.

Green gas is also known as biomethane and it is a gas that is created from biodegradable materials through a process called anaerobic digestion which breakdowns down organic matter using bacteria. This produces fertiliser and biogas. The biogas is then purified to produce biomethane. Biomethane can be used just like traditional fossil fuel gas for cooking and heating. It can even be transported in the national gas grid to homes alongside other gas.

Biogas is produced from natural waste materials that are biodegradable such as grass, food waste, agricultural waste or animal waste. Utilising this natural waste to create gas doesn’t use up the world’s resources, it diverts waste from landfill, and its carbon forms part of the natural carbon cycle which makes the biogas virtually carbon neutral as it doesn’t contribute to climate change.

As such green gas is a renewable source that can replace some of the fossil fuel gas which is often imported from overseas and it is also a viable alternative to fracking.

Should you be switching to green gas?

Many of the energy suppliers are now starting to offer green gas as part of their tariffs but historically some suppliers have charged a significant premium for it. But this is not the case with all suppliers. At Enerteq, we work with a large proportion of the energy suppliers and we can source green gas at competitive rates.

As the price differential narrows, it really does make sense to switch to green gas as not only will you be supporting the growth of the green gas industry and UK farmers, you will also be reducing your business’ carbon footprint and improving your environmental credentials. It can help you meet your own carbon targets and reporting such as the new SECR, however, you may need to purchase Green Gas Certificates. Being a responsible and environmentally friendly business is a great way of increasing your business’ credentials with customers and employees.

How do I choose the best and cleanest energy supplier?

This is where Enerteq can help you as we can find the best energy supplier for you based on price and energy mix. We can also advise you on how to reduce your energy consumption as well. Contact Enerteq today on 01423 815299 or click the button below and we’ll be happy to offer some advice.


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