Customer service is an essential part of why many people choose a business for their products and services. It applies to companies regardless of their products and services and how you purchase them whether that is in person, online or over the phone.

A Which? Annual survey on the top 100 brands in the UK has ranked them best to worst for their customer service. This has given great insight into how these companies are performing regarding customer service and why they have been ranked that way.

The worst performers

It is probably no surprise that amongst the worst performers are utility providers with many of them falling into the lower half of those brands included. It includes four of the Big Six energy suppliers – SSE, EDF, British Gas and Npower. Each of these energy suppliers were also in the bottom 10 of Which? energy supplier survey last year that covered 30 of the UK’s suppliers.

Energy suppliers tend to be rated poorly for their customer service largely due to how they handle their customers. Many customers are frustrated with the accuracy of their billing, general customer service, how they handle complaints and the attitude of their staff.

The best performers

The best performers are those businesses that have put their customers at the heart of what they do and have a reputation for customer excellence. The top-ranked brands were First Direct, Lakeland, M&S, Waitrose and Waterstones.

The key reason for their rankings were their staff attitude, and they all managed to achieve high scores of over 85%. This shows that how customers are treated by staff is key to how the customer feels whether that is a face-to-face or over the phone transaction.

How to select and deal with your energy supplier

With energy suppliers being amongst the worst brands in the UK, and being one of those industries that are renowned as being inadequate for customer service, how do you select the right energy supplier and ensure you get the right level of service?

At Enerteq, we deal with commercial energy suppliers on a daily basis and we have great insight into them and their customer service. Our additional services include ongoing support with billing and energy use such as validating invoices for accuracy, which enables us to assess the energy suppliers performance in real-time. Our experience has found that performance can vary over time and even across departments in energy companies. We also closely monitor new entrants into the market and give our feedback to our clients that provides them with information not just on price, but on customer service and the suppliers terms and conditions, which help them to make an informed choice.

We hope that if our customers were surveyed that we would rank highly due to the personalised service we offer.  We go the extra mile to ensure they get the support they require as well as empowering our customers to reach their own decisions. After all we are not your typical broker but an energy partner.

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