Did you realise that we offer electric vehicle charging points?

Amongst many of our speciality purchasing solutions are electric vehicle (EV) charging points. We recognise that electric vehicles are now becoming a more viable option that we want to support the growth of. However, to encourage wider adoption of electric vehicles it requires more pro-active and green-minded employers to support the growth through investing in EV charging points at their premises.

Installing electric vehicle charging points can be beneficial for both your business and your employees, so is it time to should make the investment?


With 195,000 EVs registered in the UK, they are no longer a niche product that are owned by green-minded individuals and charging networks are starting to grow across the country. Even if you are not planning to switch your business’ vehicles to EVs do your customers, visitors or employees drive or aspire to drive an EV? Could you help them by offering charging facilities at your premises?

The government is keen to increase the adoption of EVs to help lower UK emissions and there are some grants available to help with the installation costs of a workplace charging point. There have also been some predictions that the government may offer incentives to businesses who provide EV charging facilities such as tax breaks.

Business perceptions

Providing EV charging points will definitely help your business credentials whether you are looking to increase your environmental credentials or your accessibility status. Charging points are a very visual way of promoting what your business is doing but you can also support it with publicity to customers, visitors and employees.

Through installing EV charging points it can make your business a destination for customers as they can charge their vehicle whilst they shop and maybe make your business more accessible for EV users.

Visitors and employees may also be more attracted to your business because you offer charging facilities. It can aid them in the decision to switch to an EV as they will have the means to charge the vehicle when they are away from home.

There is also an opportunity to earn by allowing EV owners to charge their vehicle with your charging points.

Common misconceptions

There are many views on EVs which still rely on outdated information. Most manufacturers are now investing in developing EVs and hybrid vehicles and the increased competition and growth in the technology is making EVs more affordable.

The running costs of EVs are much lower than fuel vehicles as electric used by the vehicles cost less per mile. Crucially the range on EVs has also improved and you can now travel further on a single charge and the network of charging points has increased making it easier to charge whilst you are away from home. Even charging times have vastly decreased as you no longer need to charge your vehicle overnight, but fast chargers can deliver a full charge in as little as 30 minutes.

Act now

As the EV market continues to develop and grow can you afford to ignore this new technology advancement? If you would like to explore your options and see what it might cost to get a charging point installed at your premises, then get in touch with us and we would love to discuss it with you. Call us today on 01423 815299 or click the button below and we’ll be happy to offer some advice.


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