Since the announcement of its acceptance, the expansion of Heathrow has been much debated. Today Enerteq will discuss a few ways in which it may affect the energy sector.

Environmental impacts

Some of the main opposition for the third runway at Heathrow is due to its likely impact on the environment, although this is not entirely confirmed.

  • More planes = higher pollution, and with climate change and CO2 levels on the rise, to many environmentalists this is an unwelcome addition. With an extra 260,000 flights, this could indeed have a significant impact.
  • Technology will reduce emission levels. Many supporters of the runway argue that as technology improves, emission levels will reduce at a rate of 1.6% a year, and thus the additional air traffic will not impact on the environment.
  • Also in the equation – impact of new building and more customers. It must be considered that extra energy consumption will not only be from the airliners, but also from the energy costs of creating new buildings, and servicing the higher volume of customers.
  • London’s greenbelt could be at risk. Some believe that as this project has been given the go-ahead, the sanctity of London’s greenbelt could be destroyed, eventually leading to more building on it in other locations.

Relocation of Lakeside EFW

Lakeside EFW is a waste energy plant which will be relocated to accommodate for the expansion of the airport.

  • Relocation disruption. Whilst this may have little impact in the long-run, it may disrupt the company’s efficiency for a short while during relocation and cause some job insecurity.


  • As energy demand for airports is very high, this may result in the demand for jobs in the sector increasing as Heathrow expands.
  • The building of the airport may create up to 60,000 jobs which will include many for those within the energy sector

A large deal for one supplier

  • Increased energy demand. Whether Heathrow stay with their current energy supplier or pick a new supplier, someone will be getting a large cheque come bill day. Expect a rise in the share value of the next supplier. Any business savvy ones of you out there – keep your ear to the ground.

Final thoughts

It’s too early to tell how exactly Heathrow’s new runway will impact the industry. New technologies may arise that will change the figures that are predicted today. With several years of planning ahead as well as building works, there are many unknown variables that could dramatically change the picture we envision today.

But one thing is clear. Enerteq is sure that there are plenty of opportunities to make the airport more efficient and save money on it’s energy bills.

Now if you have any needs yourself in relation to cutting energy costs or being more energy efficient, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help. Contact Enerteq today – Contact Us