During the winter months, we all face the prospect of larger bills as we attempt to keep ourselves warm as the weather gets colder. However, there are many ways to keep the increase in costs to a minimum. In today’s blog Enerteq have outlined 5 simple ways to save you money this Christmas.

1. Layer Up

Simple but effective, wearing that extra layer at Christmas can allow you to keep the thermostat a little lower, saving plenty of pennies for those stocking fillers. In addition to this, new advances in clothing technology has resulted in highly effective thermal clothing. Brands such as Uniqlo have a heat-tech range that is no more expensive than a usual item of clothing – you can check it out here –

Example – Uniqlo

The added advantage of keeping you warm in the freezing outdoors is great too!

2. User timers

By using your heater on a timer it will allow you to save a lot of wasted heat in comparison to continuous usage. Try shutting off the boiler for a couple of hours at different periods over the day as this will have only a low impact on the ambient temperature, but will save you money on heating bills. If you have thermostat-controlled heating, you can lower the temperature instead of switching off completely.

If you are leaving the house for a long period (especially those of you taking vacations away from home), take this into consideration and programme the heating to come back on only an hour before you expect to return. However, if sub-zero temperatures are expected, you need to ensure there is some heating timed daily to avoid frozen/burst pipes.

3. Avoid electric fan heaters

Although fan heaters are effective at heating up a room quickly, they use a large amount of energy and unless completely necessary should be avoided if you want to keep winter bills low. Electric heating is generally much more expensive than the alternatives.

To keep costs down if you do decide to use a fan heater, make sure it is only for limited periods and that when you are adequately warm you turn it off.

4. Hot water bottles

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to stay warm, is the hot water bottle. Prices start as low as £2 online and the reusability of the product ensures that it is certainly worth the investment.

Many products on the market now retain heat for many hours, keeping your bed warm and allowing you to have the heating lower during the night. New variants such as the wheat bag can also be kept under clothing, which can allow you to stay warm for less money whilst relaxing at home.

5. Draft excluders

A lot of heat in the home escapes through cracks in door frames and windows, which makes it more difficult to keep the costs down. The simple solution for this is to add draft excluders to your external doors, which stop the heat from escaping and prevent cold air coming in. These can cost under £5 and are a great way to cut down on your bills for years to come.

There are many ways to keep bills down and become more energy efficient over winter. If this is something  you are looking to do, Enerteq is here to help. Contact us now –

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